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1. NAME:  The organisation's name is SHANTY UK.


a) Shanty UK aims to provide opportunities for people of all ages and cultural backgrounds to observe and participate in the celebration and performance of maritime music and related activities.

b) Shanty UK aims to work through education demonstration and research to preserve and publicise the oral maritime tradition that is an important and cherished part of our national cultural heritage.

c) Shanty UK aims to use the legacy of international Maritime Music to build community through music and song.  

d) As part of it’s activity to achieve these aims Shanty UK may from time to time organise maritime music based events at various venues Throughout the U.K.


a) The organisation shall be managed by a Management Committee of four to ten members who will be elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the organisation.

b) Any paid-up member may stand for election to the Management Committee of the organisation.     The Candidate shall be nominated by another paid-up member.

c) The members of the Management Committee shall retire at the next A.G.M. and may stand for re-election.

d) The Management Committee shall hold at least 3 meetings each year. At their first meeting after the AGM they will elect a Chairperson and a Treasurer from amongst their number.  The Management Committee may also elect from amongst their number any other officers that they consider necessary for the efficient running of Shanty UK.

e) The Management Committee may act by majority decision.

f) The Management Committee meeting Quorum shall be 3 committee members.  Any non-voting committee members e.g. “Skills co-optees” shall not be counted towards the quorum.

g) Minutes shall be kept of all meetings and produced in draft form within 30 days of the meeting for subsequent approval at or prior to the next committee meeting.

h) If any Management Committee member may have a conflict of interest on a matter under discussion, this must be declared.  The remaining committee members present shall decide whether the conflict will debar the member from voting on or otherwise taking part in the discussions relating to that matter.

i) The Management Committee may co-opt a member to fill a vacancy that occurs due to the departure of an existing committee member.  Such a co-optee shall be entitled to vote at a committee meeting.  The Management Committee may co-opt a person to the committee as a “Skills co-optee”.  Such a co-optee shall not be entitled to vote at a committee meeting.

j) The Manangement Committee may appoint a sub-committee or committees for specific  purposes, such sub-committee shall be responsible directly to the Committee.

4) CARRYING OUT THE AIMS OF SHANTY UK:  In order to carry out the organisation's aims the Management Committee shall have the power to:

a) Raise funds, by way of grants, donations, sponsorship, annual membership subscriptions and other appropriate means.

b)  Use those funds to carry out the work of the organisation

c)  Co-operate, support and associate with other organisations or charities with similar purposes.

d) Do anything which is lawful to further the aims of Shanty UK.  


a) Individuals and groups who support the aims of the organisation and are aged 18 or over, can apply to the Management Committee to become a member.

b) Once accepted by the Management Committee, membership lasts for one year and may be renewed.

c) The Management Committee shall keep an up-to-date membership list.  

d) The Management Committee may revoke a person’s membership if they believe it is in the best interests of the Organisation. The member has the right to be heard by the Management Committee before the decision is made and can be accompanied by a friend.


a) Decisions shall be by simple majority.

b) A tied vote shall mean a motion is lost i.e. status quo prevails.

c) Chairperson has an  ordinary vote but no casting vote.


a) May be called by the Management Committee.

b) Shall be called by the Management Committee as soon as may be reasonably practicable upon receipt of a request signed by the greater of 10 members or 20% of the paid-up membership.  Any such request shall contain details of the matter(s) to be discussed and of any resolutions to be voted on.

c) The Chairman shall give the membership 30 clear days’ notice of the meeting, stating the agenda and any motions.

d) No matter other than the agenda item(s) shall be discussed.


a) An Annual General Meeting shall be held, with not less than 30 days notice given to members by the Chairman.  Notice of A.G.M. shall include a draft agenda and a notice inviting submission of any further agenda items and inviting nominations for the Management Committee.

b) Additional agenda Items and Management Committee nominations must be received in writing by  the Chairman not later than 14 days prior to the date of the A.G.M.

c) There will be no “any other business” at the A.G.M. excepting any matter of genuine emergency.  This shall be at the discretion of the Chairman.

d) As soon as practicable following the closure of the agenda and nominations, the Chairman shall circulate a final agenda and a list of nominations.

e) Quorum for the A.G.M. shall be 3 members.

f) Every member has one vote.  Group membership has 1 vote

g) Voting by proxy is not allowed.

h) Standing agenda items for the A.G.M.:
i)         Introductions and apologies.
ii) Confirmation of Quorum.
iii) Approval of minutes of previous A.G.M.
iv) Matters arising from minutes of previous A.G.M. that are not covered elsewhere.
v) Chairperson’s annual report.
vi) Financial report and audited accounts.  
vii) Set subscription levels for forthcoming year.
viii) Motions.
ix) Election of Management Committee.
x) Closure of meeting.


a)  Money and property shall only be used for the furtherance of the aims of Shanty UK.

b) Shanty UK shall keep adequate financial records.

c)  It is the responsibility of the Treasurer to ensure accurate accounts are prepared to meet legal and statutory requirements and under the direction of the Management Committee to manage the assets of Shanty UK. Accounts will be audited by a member of Shanty UK with suitable experience and who is not a signatory.
e) Management Committee members cannot receive any money or property from the organisation, except to refund reasonable out of pocket expenses directly incurred on the business of the Shanty UK.

f) Funds must be held in the Shanty UK’s bank account(s).  

g) All cheques must be signed by 2 approved signatories. Four signatories to include the Treasurer will be approved by the Management Committee.


a)  Shall be done only at an A.G.M. or at an E.G.M. called for that purpose.

  b)  In the event of winding up, any assets remaining after payment of outstanding items shall be donated to an organisation whose aims are similar to the aims of Shanty UK.  The destination organisation to be approved at the relevant General Meeting.

THIS CONSTITUTION was adopted on 28th July 2012 and
replaces the previous
Constitution dated 6th July 2010.







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