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About Shanty UK
In 2010 a Group of like minded friends got together to organise a Shanty Festival. Like many others we sadly missed Lancaster Maritime Festival and the great gathering there at the start of the season. We were also worried about the way the financial climate is affecting the music and the opportunities to perform it and keep it alive.
With that in mind we founded an organisation called Shanty UK whose purpose is to promote maritime music of all genres. We plan to run a maritime event every Easter.

Mission Statement

a)   Shanty UK will provide opportunities for people of all ages and cultural backgrounds to observe, perform and participate in the celebration of maritime music and related activities and will work through education and demonstration to preserve the oral maritime tradition which is an important part of our national cultural heritage. .

b)   Shanty UK aims to be an arena to build develop and showcase Maritime Music whilst using its platform to promote sharing and involvement by creating an open and diverse meeting point to underpin cultural and historical art-forms specific to and cherished by the British people whilst catering to an international audience. Moreover its creation is designed to provide an arena committed to the legacy of international Maritime music to build community through music and song.  

c)   As part of its activity to achieve these aims Shanty UK intends to organise an annual Maritime Festival in the North West of England.

The Committee .....................The Constitution

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